Quantum Optics with a Single Semiconductor Quantum Dot

Speaker: Weng Chow, EFRC Scientist

Date: September 14, 2011

Event: Solid-State Lighting Science Workshop in Novel Emitters and Nanostructured Materials

Abstract: There is recent interest in strong light-matter interaction in semiconductors and its uses in optoelectronics. Exploring these possibilities requires extending the Jaynes-Cummings model to include many-body effects. The reason is that the matter, even for single quantum dot (QD), consists of multiple interacting charged particles.

This talk will show why the customary cluster expansion has a difficult time doing the job because of slow convergence. An alternate approach is proposed that allows numerical integration of coupled electron-photon-phonon equations of motion to arbitrary accuracy. Application of the approach is illustrated with examples involving quantum coherence, antibunching photon statistics and phonon-assisted polaritons.