The “zeroth” scientific research challenge is what we call overarching and spillover research.

“Overarching” research is what connects the six main scientific research challenges to SSL technology. SSL technology is itself evolving rapidly, and we devote some effort to understanding this evolution so as to provide guidance for the directions of our inquiry to surmount the six scientific research challenges. For example, we have looked into

  • the question of the maximum white luminous efficacy of radiation possible for various combinations of color rendering index and color temperature- to better understand what wavelengths are ideal for SSL and therefore what materials and heterostructure (the interface between two layers of regions of dissimilar semiconducting materials that have unequal bandgaps architectures on which to focus our scientific attention;
  • how “tunable” quantum-dot absorption and quantum yields must be to make an impact on chromaticity tuned SSL- a likely important aspect of smart, ultra-efficient future SSL; and
  • the economics of lighting consumption- to better understand the energy savings and human productivity potential of various quantitative improvements in SSL production and usage efficiency.

“Spillover” research is related to unexpected phenomena which we occasionally come across during the course of our working in our six scientific research challenges. If it is not a major detour, and we see scientific benefit, we take advantage of the opportunity to dig a bit into the phenomena. In one example, we have been studying, in Scientific Research Challenge 6, the possibility of using stimulated emission, or lasing for SSL. This led us to apply the emerging fabrication techniques developed in Scientific Research Challenge 1 to fabricate and study nanowire lasers. Along the way, we discovered that these nanowire lasers can be tailored and manipulated to lase in a single transverse and single longitudinal optical mode. Because this phenomenon has major potential value in other applications for which energy efficiency is important, such as communications and displays, we have been looking more carefully at the conditions for such single mode lasing. En route, we also anticipate understanding more fully the conditions for ultra-high efficiency, which will be of interest to SSL.

Research Challenge Publications

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