Phosphor in powder form. (KLuTa2O7: Eu3+)

This research challenge is aimed at studying materials architectures suitable for SSL wavelength down-conversion. Particular materials we have focused on in this research challenge are Eu3+-doped phosphors and group II-VI semiconductor quantum dots (QDs).

Among the principal criteria for such wavelength down-conversion materials are a

  • high quantum yield (QY);
  • narrow-linewidth emission (particularly in the range of 610-620 nm);
  • broad blue absorption that is well matched to  the emission of the blue pump LED;
  • low thermal quenching;
  • photo and thermal stability; and
  • potential for directionality and chromaticity tuning desirable for higher functionality light.

The Eu3+ phosphors are based on tantalate and niobate oxides, and take advantage of the narrow red emission lines characteristic of electronic transitions in the Eu3+ f-shell. The QDs are based on CdZn-VI materials, synthesized currently using colloidal methods.


Solutions of nanocolloidal phosphors.

QDs have numerous long-term and fundamental advantages over rare-earth phosphors, including:

  • a broad and a five-orders-of-magnitude-greater blue absorbance;
  • a relatively good accommodation of strain, which can enable a wide range of alloy compositions and emission wavelengths;
  • the possibility of active chromaticity tuning (through Stark-effect-based modification of absorption oscillator strengths) for higher functionality light; and
  • synergy with the light-emission-physics Scientific Research Challenges 3, 4, 5, and 6.

We initially focused on a low-temperature inverse-micellar-solution method for QD synthesis. We now believe, however, that luminescent quantum yields of QDs synthesized in this low-temperature manner will always be relatively low. We are now pursuing high-temperature colloidal methods for QD synthesis, bringing in a collaborator and expert at these methods, Professor David Kelley of UC Merced.

Research Participants

  • Dr. Jim Martin (SNL) – Principal Investigator, primarily responsible for QD synthesis; participates in characterization.
  • Prof. David Kelley (UC Merced) – Guides the synthesis of the QD core/shell heterostructures, especially through developing simulation codes for computing the QD strain energy, and performs electronic structure simulations.
  • Dr. May Nyman (SNL) – Hydrothermal synthesis of phosphors and their structural characterization.
  • Dr. Lauren Rohwer (SNL) – Photophysical characterization of both the Eu3+ phosphors and the quantum dots; also guides synthesis and development of the phosphors.

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