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Fusion Technologies Sandia National LaboratoriesThe PMTF is a Defense Programs DOE Designated User Facility.  This permits ease of access by both large and small businesses throughout the country who are engaged in HHF, heat exchanger and EB-PVD research and research areas such as thermal shock and thermal fatigue of materials, modeling and process control of large-area physical vapor deposition and thermal-hydraulics.

ir1The PMTF flow loop provides high-quality, high pressure high-temperature (HPHT) water to high heat flux targets in the EBTS and EB-1200 vacuum chambers, and is used for infrared thermography in separate hot/cold transient tests that assess the quality of brazed joints.  The flow loop gives the operator full control over pressure, temperature, flow, and water chemistry over a wide range of conditions.  Control interfaces permit computer control of all flow loop parameters.

ir2The most important part of the flow loop is a variable speed pump that permits flows from 50 to 500 gpm (3 to 30 liter/sec).  The loop is pressurized to 1000 psi (6.9 MPa) using a nitrogen pressurizer.  A positive displacement pump permits flow and pressure at the target to be varied independently and a surge tank damps pressure fluctuations in the system.  The system has stainless steel piping designed to American National Standards Institute (ANSI) ir3power plant standards and uses demineralized from a water treatment system.  A 225 kW in-line electric water heater increases the high-temperature capability and stability of the flow loop while providing for fast heating of the loop water.  High temperature water up to 280 °C can be delivered to the target inlet without reducing the operating pressure or the maximum flow capabilities of the system.

IR Thermography: The PMTF has four IR cameras which provide calibrated radiometry for real-time analysis and video storage.  ThermaGRAM95 Pro ™ digitizing software is used to provide the most advanced IR image analysis and reporting capabilities available today.  The thermography toolkit includes sports, rectangles, polygons, magnification, variable width isotherms, onscreen profiles, variable length lines and line profile graphs and temperature differencers.  Real-time image averaging and subtraction capabilities are also included; as well as a triangulation positioning system to precisely locate thermal features on the target.

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