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LIMITS Liquid Metal Flow Loop

Fusion Technologies Sandia National LaboratoriesThe EB-1200 or the EB-60 can be connected to a closed coolant loop designed to study flow of molten metals or molten salts in vacuum and has been used for a preliminary study of flowing liquid lithium surfaces inside of magnetic fusion reactors and lithium-helium heat exchangers. The free surface of the flowing liquid can be heated by the electron beams, or the liquid metal can be used inside a tube or heat-pipe assembly. The LIMITS system consists of a furnace that can reach 425 °C and has a high-temperature impeller pump, a vacuum chamber where the flow is observed, and a transfer chamber for highly reactive molten metals such as lithium. Diagnostics include a magnetic flow meter, pressure transducers, level meter, and thermocouples. Video cameras, a scanning infrared camera, and multiple pyrometers are routinely used to measure surface temperatures.

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