The Integration of Variable Generation Task Force (IVGTF) Task 1–3 report, “Interconnection Requirements for Variable Generation” was posted to NERC’s website in mid-October.

Many of NERC’s existing interconnection standards and procedures have been based on technical characteristics and physical capabilities of traditional power generation resources that employ synchronous generators. With the global trend toward renewable energy, the penetration of wind and solar generation is rapidly increasing in many power grids under NERC’s jurisdiction.

The IVGTF was asked to make recommendations for how NERC interconnection procedures and standards should be enhanced to address voltage and frequency ride-through, reactive and real power control,  and frequency/inertial response criteria in light of the evolving range of technical characteristics and physical capabilities of variable generation equipment.

This report documents the results of that project. The report’s lead authors were Abraham Ellis (Sandia, 6112), Reigh Walling (GE Energy), Bob Zavadil (EnerNex Corp.), David Jacobson (Manitoba-Hydro), and Richard Piwko (GE Energy).