The Molten Salt Test Loop (MSTL) team at Sandia National Laboratories melted 38 tonnes (84,000 pounds) of salt and filled the furnace of the MSTL system this week.  The salt melting was the culmination of many weeks of planning and preparation from a great team that assessed the hazards, planned the activities, modified the salt melter, and completed the melting in less than 4 days.  The outstanding effort included CSP group engineers and technologists, safety, industrial health, and ergonomics experts, as well as the construction contractor and subcontractors.  The completion of the salt loading is concurrent with the completion of pre-salt commissioning activities and sets the stage for beginning commissioning activities with flowing molten salt.  The MSTL system provides an opportunity for customers to test components on-sun with flowing molten nitrate salt.  The system is capable of 300-580°C operation at 41 bar (600 psi) and 1500 liter/min (400 gpm).  If you are interested in testing at the MSTL Facility, please contact David Gill (, 505-844-1524.