Molten Salt Test Loop North View

The Molten Salt Test Loop (MSTL ) system at Sandia National Laboratories’ National Solar Thermal Test Facility (NSTTF) completed initial flow testing this week with great success.  The system pumped molten nitrate salt through a range of process conditions and showed performance characteristics that meet or exceed the design specifications.  The outstanding system performance was the capstone to a tremendous team effort including Sandia, DOE, and Sandia’s design and construction contractors.  The MSTL system is designed to enable testing of concentrating solar components and systems in flowing molten salt and can even test items operating on-sun.  MSTL is capable of operation up to 585°C, 40bar, and 50kg/s.  If you are interested in using the MSTL system for testing, please contact Dr. David Gill,, (505)-844-1524.