We are pleased to announce the addition of Professor Jim Speck of the University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB) as a member of the Solid-State Lighting Science EFRC. Jim has developed a collaboration with SSLS scientist Andy Armstrong using deep level optical spectroscopy to investigate defects in the m-plane GaN.

Jim is a professor in the Materials Science department at UCSB, and serves as thrust leader in their Center for Energy Efficient Materials (CEEM) research on solid-state lighting.

Jim and Andy are working in our Research Challenge on Defect-Carrier Interactions investigation the role of defects in non-radiative recombination processes in light emitting diodes. In recognition of the importance of this collaboration, Professor Speck has been added as a Senior Investigator in the SSLS EFRC, and UCSB is now a SSLS participating institution.

Welcome, Jim!