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Day 1, May 9, 2017

Day 1 Talk Title
7:30 am Registration Opens
8:15 am Session 1 Christopher Orendorff, Sandia National Laboratories, Welcome and Introductory Remarks
8:30 am Thomas Barrera, LIB-X Consulting “Battery Design Implications on Thermal Runaway Severity: NASA ISS SAFER Battery Safety Assessment”
 8:55 am Wenzel Prochazka, AVL “Requirements for safety in future very-low-height BEV Batteries”
9:15 am Boryann Liaw, Idaho National Laboratory “Cell variability and SOC determination”
9:35 am Eric Darcy, NASA JSC Safe battery design guidelines.”
9:55 am Roland Matthe, Opel “TBD”
10:15 am Break
10:30 am Session Discussion:  Battery Design Requirements, Manufacturing, Quality and the Impact on Safety
Is safety a part of conceptual design?
Are the requirements changing?
Where are the gaps?
11:00 am Session 2 Thomas Waldmann, ZSW “Design and operating strategies for safe and long-life application of Li-ion cells – Post-Mortem analysis and thermal runaway tests”
11:20 am Josh Lamb, Sandia National Laboratories “Advanced techniques for understanding battery failure and its consequences”
11:40 am Saad Azam, Underwriters Laboratory “Safe Designs for Lithium-ion Battery Use and Transportation”
12:00 pm Markus Böner, MEET “TBD”
12:20 pm Andreas Pfrang, EU JRC “Battery Safety Testing Methods Assessed from a Policy-Making Perspective
12:40 – 1:40 pm Lunch
1:40 pm Session 2 (Continued) Session Discussion: Characterization of Battery Hazards

How do cell-level hazards translate to the battery- and system-level?
What are the current challenges?
Where are the gaps in current test methods?

2:15 pm  Session 3 Partha Mukherjee, Texas A&M University “Mesoscale Implications in Lithium-Ion Battery Thermo-electrochemical Behavior and Safety”
2:35 pm C.M. Tan, Chang Gung University “Non-destructive examination of the degradation of LiB” 
2:55 pm Xuning Feng, Tsinghua University “Thermal Runaway Propagation in Lithium Ion Battery Pack: Initiation, Propagation and Prevention”
3:15 pm Rachid Yazami, Nanyang Technological University “Towards online assessment of the state of health of lithium ion batteries”
3:35 pm Break
3:55 pm Arnaud Delaille, CEA “In-operando techniques for battery monitoring and safety issues prevention”
4:15 pm Session Discussion: Mitigation Approaches and Advanced Diagnostic Tools

What are the current materials science and engineering approaches to improving safety?
What can we do to improve early detection to a safety issue?
What are the gaps in engineering solutions for prevention?

4:45 pm Day 1 Wrap-Up
6 pm Group Dinner

Day 2, May 10, 2017

Day 2 Talk Title
8:00 am Session 4 Introduction to Day 2 and Tour Information
8:15 am Martin-Johan Gilljam, Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI) “TBD”
 8:30 am Shriram Santhangopalan, National Renewable Energy Laboratory “Effect of Aging on Safety of Li-ion Cells”
8:50 am Brian Barnett, TIAX “Implementation of Internal Short Detection: Selected Examples”
9:10 am Birger Horstmann, DLR “Towards Safer Electrolytes and Electrodes via Theory-Based Modeling”
9:30 am Break
9:45 am Mathias Gerard, CEA France “Further insights into battery safety understanding and optimization: a multi-scale modeling approach coupled with advanced characterization”
10:05 am Alexander Rheinfeld, TUM “Modeling of Li-ion Batteries During Short Circuit Events-Impact of Cell Design on Localized Electrical and Thermal Effects”
10:25 am Session Discussion: Validated Battery Safety: Modeling, Simulation, and Testing
What is the current state of safety modeling tools?
Is validation testing done at the appropriate level (cell, battery, system)?
What are the needs and opportunities for the future?
11:00-12:00 pm Lunch
12:00 pm Travel to SNL Badge Office
1:30-5:00 pm SNL Tour