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Defense Mission (S&T)

Sandia is a national security laboratory with a long history of leading energy storage technology R&D. We have cradle-to-grave responsibility for all power sources for DOE defense programs, and apply our expertise to support DoD applications. Sandia provides leadership to the DOE Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability’s Energy Storage Systems program through advanced technology development, device testing, technology demonstrations, and grid analysis. We play the lead role in evaluating the safety and reliability of energy storage (ES) devices for transportation systems.

We apply fundamental scientific expertise in electrochemistry, materials science, advanced diagnostics, and modeling and simulation to advance the ES programs. Facilities such as the Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies, the Advanced Materials Laboratory, our battery safety and abuse testing laboratory, our Power Sources Technology Group which houses 6,700 ft. of dry room space with advanced diagnostics and prototyping facilities, and the Red Sky computing platform provide unique capabilities for fundamental science and university and industry partnerships.

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