FY17 Lightning and Radar Mitigation Project Survey

In responding to this survey, please consider the following background information on Sandia capabilities and recent work in this area.

  1. Sandia’s Lightning Simulator (SLS)
  2. Sandia’s Radar Testing and Modeling Capabilities
  3. Sandia’s SWiFT Facility (Scaled Wind Farm Technology)
  4. Sample of Prior Work/References:
    1. Jacob J. McDonald, Billy C. Brock, Steven E. Allen, Paul G. Clem, Joshua A. Paquette, Ward E. Patitz, William K. Miller, David A. Calkins, and Hung “Jacques”Loui, “Radar-Cross-Section Reduction of Wind Turbines (Part 1),” Sandia National Laboratories Technical Report, SAND2012-0480 (March 2012).

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  • Lightning Mitigation

  • Radar Interference Mitigation

  • General Questions