The Department of Energy’s Scaled Wind Farm Technology (SWiFT) Facility reached an exciting milestone with the return to power production of the WTGa1 turbine (aka DOE/SNL #1) as part of a final series of commissioning tests. WTGa1 will complete all commissioning before the end of May 2016 after satisfactorily operating in high wind conditions. Turbines WTGa2 and WTGb1 will complete commissioning over the summer months.

Completion of this milestone clears the way for the return to normal experimental work at the Sandia National Laboratories facility, including the following:

  • operation of the Wake Steering Experiment in partnership with NREL (as discussed in detail, below)
  • detailed wake characterization in partnership with Texas Tech University and Pentalum
  • the flight of the National Rotor Testbed (NRT) designed by Sandia National Labs
  • numerous industrial projects currently in negotiation

All SWiFT experimental data will be made public so that industrial and academic partners can calibrate their simulation tools.