New survey results on national energy policy from the Department of Energy’s Sandia National Laboratories and show that a large majority of U.S. energy professionals have a clear preference for a national energy policy that places equal weight on energy security, economics and the environment. If that isn’t a Triple Bottom Line focus, what is?

Offering more detailed, refined and nuanced insight into Americans’ views on energy policy, a vast majority of the 884 U.S. energy professionals responding to the survey indicated “a clear preference for policymaking that pursues Energy Supply Security, Economics, and the Environment simultaneously,” according to Sandia National’s, “The Goals of Energy Policy” report.

In the survey conducted as part of their “Goals of Energy Policy” research, Sandia National Laboratories and sought to improve on the somewhat crude formulation of energy policy questions posed. Rather than asking respondents to identify one favorite energy policy goal, they asked 884 US energy professionals “to allocate 100 points across three separate, commonly accepted energy policy goals: the Environment, Economics and Energy Supply Security,” the report authors explain.

The survey’s creators see a false dichotomy in polls such as those conducted by Gallup in that they create the false perception that different aspects of energy policy, production and consumption, can be separated and existly distinctly and in isolation from one another.

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