Installation Energy Security

Sandia National Laboratories, through their Physical Security methodology, has supported the Department of Defense (DoD) in protecting their high value assets for over fifty years. Within the last decade, Sandia Labs has leveraged our vast knowledge of physical security to include energy security on military installations. Using internal research and development funding, Sandia developed microgrids to supplement long standing activities in renewable energy (link to site on renewable energy). Sandia Labs has now provided energy security conceptual designs for over ten military installations. While addressing energy security needs for the DoD, Sandia Labs focuses on five key challenges facing the DoD:

DoD Security Goals Solutions Sandia is Pursuing
Reduce Vulnerabilities
  • Mitigate cyber and physical threats to energy systems
  • Include “islanding” when needed
Reduce Dependence
  • Reduce dependence on sources in volatile regions
  • Reduce demand and develop alternative sources
Assure Availability
  • Reliable power sources to meet mission needs
  • Reliable transport to the battlefield
Reduce Carbon Footprint
  • Meet national goals for reducing carbon footprint
Reduce Cost
  • Reduce routine operating costs of energy and associated infrastructure
  • Reduce costs of back-up power