SCADA Assessments

Since 1999, Sandia has conducted numerous assessments of operational systems in hydroelectric dams; water treatment systems; electric power transmission, distribution, and generation; petroleum storage and refineries; and transportation systems.

Assessments were an early way to help clarify the systems as they existed in the field. This knowledge has been invaluable in understanding first-hand the true issues facing the owners and operators of the national infrastructures.The Information Design Assurance Red Team (IDART) provides independent, objective, adversary-based assessments of information, communication, and critical infrastructure systems throughout their lifecycle (concept through retirement) in order to identify vulnerabilities and threats, improve design, and assist decision makers with choices in the development, security, and use of their systems.

Sandia is the Department of Energy’s lead laboratory for physical security. Our security-systems engineering organization has expertise in security systems analysis, security component technologies, and security systems design and implementation.