Sandia’s SCADA Security Program leverages expertise developed over many years of experience in national security and securing high consequence systems. Sandia is a recognized leader in critical infrastructure protection, cyber security, and energy system solutions.

Best Practices for SCADA Security

CobiT (TM) and Security Policy

  • Utilizes “control objectives” to maintain “IT governance”
  • Maintained by a non-profit organization
  • Designed to be auditable.
  • Intended to inclusive of other control structures
  • Comparable models include:
    • SysTrust
    • ISO/IEC 17799
    • SSE-CMM
    • Other Proprietary Models
  • Provides framework to sustain system security

Governance for Sustainable Security

Best practices: Governance

Secure SCADA Design

Secure SCADA Design

Research and Development of Next Generation SCADA Systems
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