Modernizing our electrical grid is a tremendous undertaking, requiring the coordination and collaboration of a wide range of stakeholders spanning federal and local governments, the energy industry, electric utilities and—perhaps most importantly—the myriad of consumers. Sandia supports the DOE, DHS, and DOD efforts to modernize the electric grid by providing R&D of new transformational energy technologies; analyses of the technical, economic, and national security implications of the loss or disruption of critical civilian and military energy infrastructures; and assisting in the understanding and technology development of infrastructure protection and infrastructure disruption mitigation, response, and recovery options.

Areas of Expertise

Working toward a modern electric grid to deliver electricity to consumers in a network that enables consumer choice, increased efficiency, and resilience against disruptions due to natural disaster or attack.

Our portfolio ranges from basic materials research to technology development and deployment to help the nation modernize its electric delivery system.

Predicting the safety and reliability of energy storage through work that spans the R&D spectrum, from materials to deployed systems.

Developing technologies to maintain electric-grid function in the face of disruptive threats—both natural and manufactured.

Integrating renewable energy into the electric grid.

Working with industry to take full advantage of the potential that this connectivity represents while also safeguarding these tools against exploitation by adversaries.

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