Sandia will continue to make strategic capital investments to (a) support and maintain the Scaled Wind Farm Technology (SWiFT) facility and activities and (b) ensure the facility’s readiness. Capital-equipment purchases are made to improve facility assets, acquire equipment required to meet safety goals, and build a spare-parts inventory to maximize site “uptime.” Investments are prioritized according to safety plans and research goals.


Aerial view showing new roads at SWiFT, which will provide all-weather access and allow year-round R&D activities.

This activity supports the SWiFT facility by providing critical capital investments to complete the DOE mission. Well-planned capital purchases will keep the site operating at a high capacity and prepared for research projects and industry testing—prioritizing safety over all other priorities.

The goal of this activity is to maximize SWiFT’s safe usage and optimize its readiness. An additional objective is to purchase items to continuously improve SWiFT operations as the facility matures.

The Sandia project team has recently

  1. added an access roads to the facility,
  2. installed a web-based video camera for remote monitoring,
  3. purchased tooling to populate the machine shop in Building 350 (the SWiFT Assembly Building), and
  4. purchased backup controller and sensors.


The SWiFT Assembly Building includes tools for minor machining.

Our future project goals are to annually review the next FY research objectives, then budget and plan the capital investments for the following year.