Q: Do I need ANSYS to use NuMAD©?
A: No. Without ANSYS you can use NuMAD© to create FAST blade input files, using publicly available NREL NWTC tools – PreComp and BModes. However, the primary functionality of NuMAD© is to generate the APDL commands that build a finite element shell model in ANSYS. Without ANSYS, you will be unable to take advantage of this capability.

Q: What ANSYS licenses does NuMAD© utilize?
A: Any license involving the basic ANSYS Mechanical APDL capabilities, commercial or academic.

Q: What ANSYS release does NuMAD© utilize?
A: We recommend ANSYS R12, or later.

Q: Can I use NuMAD© to compute blade properties to be used in aeroelastic simulation, such as that used by NREL’s FAST or FAST-to-ADAMS with AeroDyn?
A: Yes. NuMAD© has the ability to use BPE (ANSYS required) or PreComp to compute sectional properties along the blade. This information is used by FAST to create ADAMS models for aeroelastic simulation. See the User’s Guide for more information.

Q: Can I use NuMAD© to generate FE models using tools other than ANSYS?
A: No. Currently NuMAD© provides output only for ANSYS. But, NuMAD© developers are open to assisting folks who might want to write a non-ANSYS output module. Please contact them for more information.

Q: What operating systems does NuMAD© currently work with?
A: Compiled NuMAD© works either on Windows 32 or 64-bit systems. Raw Matlab files will work with either Windows or Linus OS. Mac is currently not supported. NuMAD© developers would love to assist Mac users who might want to spend some time creating and testing that compatibility. Please contact them for more information.

Q: How do I cite NuMAD© in my publication?
A: The following citation works in most cases:
       Sandia National Laboratories: Numerical Manufacturing And Design Tool (NuMAD© version 2.0).
       http://energy.sandia.gov/?page_id=2238. Last modified April 2013; accessed April 2013.

Q: My NuMAD© model is not working. What can I do?
A: Start with the very basics, open NuMAD© and open one of the example models which are distributed with NuMAD©. Next, follow instructions in the section titled “Blade Modeling Introduction” in SAND2012-7028. If you continue to have trouble with your model, see the section titled “Sharing Models” in (SAND2012-7028) for sending complete information to Sandia for possible assistance. Understand that external NuMAD© support by Sandia is limited, so please be patient.

Q: How often is NuMAD© updated?
A: NuMAD© is constantly evolving at Sandia as we use it directly in our research activities. We expect to release new versions approximately annually. Please check back to the NuMAD© website for the latest information.