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Performance Modeling Workshop Presentations

The following presentations are provided with permission from the workshop speakers:

Solar Resource (Measurements and Datasets

  1. Welcome and Purpose: Joshua Stein, Sandia National Laboratories
  2. Ground Irradiance Data: Justin Robinson, GroundWork
  3. Satellite Irradiance Models and Datasets: Adam Kankiewicz, Clean Power Research
  4. Plane of Array (POA) Irradiance Modeling: Cliff Hansen, Matthew Lave, Andrew Pohl, Billy Hayes, and William Hobbs,  Sandia, First Solar, and Southern Company
  5. Geographic Smoothing of Irradiance: Matthew Lave, Sandia National Laboratories

Measuring Module Performance

  1. Toward Reliable Module Temperature Measurements: Considerations for Indoor Performance Testing: Monali Joshi and Rajeev Singh, Black & Veatch and PV Eveloution Labs
  2. Outdoor Module Characterization Methods:  Power Matrix, Angle of Incidence and Spectral Mismatch Correction: Mani Tamizh,  TUV Rheinland PTL, ASU PRL
  3. Irradiance- and Temperature-dependent PV Module Performance Measurement: Rajeev Singh, PV Evolution Labs
  4. PV Module Characterization Methods at CFV Solar Test Lab: Larry Pratt, CFV Solar Test Laboratory
  5. Results from Flash Testing at Multiple Irradiance and Temperatures across Five Photovoltaic Testing Labs: Junaid Fatehi, Yingli Green Energy Americas

Optimizing Design with PV Performance Models

  1. Optimization strategies with Pvsyst for large scale PV installations: Bruno Wittmer, Pvsyst
  2. Optimizing PV Designs with HelioScope: Paul Gibbs, Folsom Labs
  3. Improvements to PV System Modeling in SAM: Aron Dobos, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Inverter Performance Models

  1. Modeling Photovoltaic Inverter Performance: Anton Driesse, Photovoltaic Performance Labs
  2. AE’s Perspective on PV Inverter Modeling Opportunities: Tucker Ruberti, Advanced Energy
  3. SMA’s Perspective on PV Inverter Modeling Opportunities: Ryan LeBlanc, SMA
  4. Inverter performance models Opportunities and requirements for the future: Jaspreet Singh, PG Solar

Modeling Tool Updates

  1. PVSim Update: Mike Anderson, SunPower Corporation
  2. Pvsyst Updates since 2013: Bruno Wittmer, Pvsyst
  3. New Generation Solar Resource Database and PV Online Assessment Tools: Artur Skoczek, GeoModel Solar
  4. SolarAnywhere: WebWeb-Accessible Irradiance Measurement Software: Skip Dise,  Clean Power Research
  5. Isis Power Plant Energy Simulation Tool, Bodo Littmann, First Solar


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