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Distribution Modeling Workshop Presentations

The following presentations are provided with permission from the workshop speakers:

  1. Welcome and Purpose: Robert Broderick, Sandia National Laboratories
  2. CA Rule 21 Update: Tom Bialek, Sempra Energy
  3. IEEE 1547a and 1547.1a: Removing the Barriers to Smart Inverters: Aminul Huque, EPRI
  4. Hosting Capacity Analysis and New Screening Methods for PV: Jeff Smith, EPRI
  5. DG Screening Tool: Jean-Sebastien Lacroix, CYME
  6. DOE Solar Energy Grid Integration R&D: Guohui Yuan, Department of Energy
  7. Capabilities of Advanced Inverter: John Berdner, Enphase
  8. Purpose of Advanced Inverters- mitigation and grid support: Richard Bravo, SCE
  9. European codes & guidelines for the application of advanced grid support functions of inverters: Roland Bruendlinger, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology
  10. High Penetration PV – A Transmission Perspective on DG Standards: Abraham Ellis, Sandia National Laboratories
  11. Interconnection Standards in California: A Regulatory Approach to a Fast-Changing Grid: Rachel Peterson, CPUC
  12. Modeling Effective Grounding for Grid Tied Inverters: Taylor Hollis, Schneider Electric
  13. Advanced Inverter Setting Specifications: Jay Johnson, Sandia National Laboratories
  14. Communications and control – Autonomous and Central Control: Bill Reaugh, KACO New Energy
  15. Increasing Hosting Capacity with Advanced Inverter Functions: Matt Rylander, EPRI
  16. Interaction and Coordination with EPS Equipment: Chase Sun, PG&E
  17. Data and Models for High Penetration Using Advanced Inverters: Roger Dugan, EPRI
  18. Modeling as a Community with Model Servers: BNL Dew Model Server: Robert Broadwater, EDD
  19. Pro-active, high penetration PV studies on distribution systems: Jonathan Flinn, DNV GL
  20. Smart Inverters – Modeling to Determine “Best” Settings: Jeff Smith, EPRI
  21. Determining Recommended Settings for Smart Inverters: Jeff Smith, EPRI
  22. IEEE Test Feeders for Advanced Inverters Analysis: Jason Fuller, PNNL
  23. High Penetration PV Control Comparisons and Model-Centric Smart Grid CBA: Robert Broadwater, EDD
  24. Milsoft Updates and Perspectives: Wayne Carr, Milsoft
  25. CYME Road Map: Jean-Sebastien Lacroix, CYME (Not Available)
  26. The IEA PVPS Task 14  High penetration PV in Electricity Grids: Roland Bruendlinger, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology

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