The Solar Glare Hazard Analysis Tool (SGHAT), winner of the 2013 R&D 100 Award, is a web-based tool that predicts energy production and the potential for solar glare and ocular impacts from an array of photovoltaic panels. SGHAT uses an interactive Google Maps interface together with a few user-specified parameters such as orientation and tilt of the panels to quickly locate a site, outline the proposed array, and calculate the occurrence, intensity, and size of the potential glare throughout the year. The tool also predicts the annual energy production of proposed arrays so that alternative designs, layouts, and locations can be optimized to maximize energy production while mitigating glare. The use of this tool is required by the Federal Aviation Administration for solar energy installations proposed at federally obligated airports in the United States (Notice 78 FR 63276 in the Federal Register).

SGHAT is free and available to the public at