Developing Solar Thermal Electric Technologies for the DOE Solar Thermal Electric Program

Offering 50% cost match for collaborative CSP Technology Development Proposals
We are seeking proposals from commercial partners who would like to invest in developing new solar thermal technologies and/or validating technological concepts using Sandia’s expertise and infrastructure, including the National Solar Thermal Test Facility. Areas of possible collaboration include, but are not limited to, (1) novel research, development, and demonstration in reflector systems for efficient solar energy collection; (2) large-scale metrology; (3) receivers for solar-to-thermal energy conversion; (4) thermal energy storage; (5) combined cycles for high efficiency; and (6) modeling. Read the full solicitation and cost share details on the site.
Working in conjunction with the Photovoltaics Systems Department and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the department has developed parabolic trough, power tower, and dish/engine technology to support virtually every major solar thermal electric activity in the United States. In conjunction with industry, our staff have had pivotal technical and programmatic roles in the Solar Two power tower project; dish/engine joint venture programs with SAIC, Allied Signal, and Boeing; and in the development of advanced concepts, components (heliostats, solar receivers, and engines), and systems. We also support a range of systems analyses, market identification studies, and international cooperative projects (through the International Energy Agency (IEA) working group SolarPACES), conducted in cooperation with industry partners.

We partner with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and provide R&D on CSP components and systems, advanced component development, component and systems analysis, test and evaluation, and supporting market development activities.
Provides experimental engineering data for the design, construction, and operation of unique components and systems in proposed solar thermal electrical plants, which have three generic system architectures: line-focus, point-focus central receiver, and point-focus distributed receiver.
Sandia has developed several solar resource models and tools.

Sandia to Discuss Energy-Storage Test Protocols at the European PV Solar Energy Conference

Researchers from Sandia will give a plenary talk on energy storage test protocols at the European PV Solar Energy Conference (EU PVSEC), to be held in September in Hamburg, Germany. Plenary presentations are given to […]

Two Sandians Honored in 2015 Hispanic Engineer of the Year Awards

On Friday, August 7th, Great Minds in STEM™ announced the 2015 class of Hispanic Engineer National Achievement Awards Conference (HENAAC) award winners. These phenomenal role models in science, technology, engineering and math will be honored […]

Sandian Contributes to Western Electricity Coordinating Council Photovoltaic Power Plant Model Validation Guideline

As part of the Western Electricity Coordinating Council’s (WECC’s) Modeling and Validation Work Group, Sandia researcher Ryan Elliott (in Sandia’s Electric Power Systems Research Dept.) recently contributed to an update to WECC’s Central Station Photovoltaic […]

Sandia Research on Rooftop Structural Strength Gains Attention

Two Sandia research reports, “Structural Code Considerations of Solar Rooftop Installations” and “Empirically Derived Strength of Residential Roof Structure for Solar Installations,” have been featured recently in a number of solar trade outlets.

The reports detail […]

Sandia Pilot Program to Assist Small Clean-Energy Companies

The DOE chose Sandia as one of five leads in a pilot that will give small, clean-energy companies access to national laboratory expertise and resources. Sandia will receive $2.75M of DOE’s $20M investment to launch […]

Navy/Marine Engineering Command Visits Sandia

Steven Chung, Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Southwest (NAVFAC SW),1 Dwight Deakin, Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR),2 Melanie Anderson (NAVAIR PAX River), and David Weir, Marine Corps Installations–West (MCIWEST-MCB Camp Pendleton)3 visited Sandia June 24–25 to […]

Australian Renewable-Energy Official Visits Sandia

At the end of June, Louise Vickery, General Manager, Renewable Futures at the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) visited Sandia.

ARENA manages the Australian government’s commitment to improve the competitiveness of renewable energy technologies and to […]

Sandia’s Continuously Recirculating Falling-Particle Receiver Emplaced at Top of Solar Tower

Sandia researchers are working to lower the cost of solar energy systems and improve efficiencies in a big way, thanks to a system of small particles.

This month, engineers lifted Sandia’s continuously recirculating falling-particle receiver to […]

CSP Contacts

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Dr. Subhash L. Shinde, Manager | Phone: 505-284-2965

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Solar Furnace

Systems Analysis & Receivers

Dr. Clifford Ho | Phone: 505-844-2384

Test Facilities

Thermal Storage

Parabolic Troughs

Tim Moss | Phone: 505-844-7356

Solar Fuels

Dr. Andrea Ambrosini| Phone: 505-284-1340

PLEASE NOTE: All site visits to the National Solar Thermal Test Facility must be arranged in advance due to security requirements. Contact 505-844-1445 to arrange for a site visit.