Developing solar thermal electric technologies for the Department of Energy's Solar Thermal Electric Program

The Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) program conducts research to reduce costs and identify opportunities for improvement of CSP technologies, advance understanding of CSP system behavior, increase efficiency and capacity for baseload CSP applications, and reduce risk for CSP technologies and increased levels of concentrating solar power in the transmission grid. The program also develops advanced modeling and validation techniques that integrate structural, optical, and thermal processes for better predictive and analytical capabilities.

Offering 50% cost match for collaborative CSP Technology Development Proposals
We are seeking proposals from commercial partners who would like to invest in developing new solar thermal technologies and/or validating technological concepts using Sandia’s expertise and infrastructure, including the National Solar Thermal Test Facility. Areas of possible collaboration include, but are not limited to, (1) novel research, development, and demonstration in reflector systems for efficient solar energy collection; (2) large-scale metrology; (3) receivers for solar-to-thermal energy conversion; (4) thermal energy storage; (5) combined cycles for high efficiency; and (6) modeling. Read the full solicitation and cost share details on the site.

Register Now for the Sandia/NREL/SunSpec PV O&M Collaborative In-Person Workgroup Meeting

Sandia National Laboratories, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), The SunSpec Alliance, and Solarplaza invite you to attend an in-person workgroup meeting for a review of industry best practices and a sneak peek into the O&M [...]

Upcoming Webinar: Comparing the Abilities of Energy Storage, PV, and Other Distributed Energy Resources to Provide Grid Services, Monday, March 13, 3:00pm-4:30pm ET

The grid is undergoing a transformation leading to greater utilization of Distributed Energy Resources (DER). DER devices include batteries, PV, and even aggregated hot water heaters or building lighting systems. At the core of this [...]

PV Tracking Technology call for papers

ASME Journal of Solar Energy Engineering Special Issue: Photovoltaic Tracking Technology Photovoltaic (PV) energy systems are becoming a larger share of electricity production, with over 230 GW installed worldwide. Much of this growth is being driven [...]

New consortium to reduce cost of solar modules

In order to accelerate solar module materials discovery and development, the DOE SunShot program awarded $30 million, over five years, to a national laboratory-led Energy Materials Network (EMN) Consortium focused on durable module materials, DuraMat. Module [...]

Sandia National Laboratories Experts Co-Author DOE Reports on Grid Integration and Concentrating Solar Power

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) recently released On the Path to SunShot, a series of eight reports that takes stock of progress made halfway into the ten-year SunShot Initiative and highlights remaining opportunities for [...]

High-Temperature Falling Particle Receiver Reaches New Limits

At its National Solar Thermal Test Facility, Sandia National Laboratories recently completed a 3½-year project funded by DOE’s SunShot Initiative to develop a high-temperature falling particle receiver, in which sand-like ceramic particles are heated as [...]

Sandia Labs high-flux solar simulator with one-of-a-kind capability

The High-Flux Solar Simulator with automated sample handling and exposure system (ASHES) is a one-of-a-kind capability which can be used 24/7 with metal-halide lamps.  ASHES provides accelerated lifetime aging tests for materials under high-temperature/high-flux conditions.  A [...]

Sandia’s Continuously Recirculating Falling-Particle Receiver Placed Atop the Solar Tower

Sandia began first-of-its-kind testing using its continuously recirculating falling-particle receiver atop the National Solar Thermal Test Facility (NSTTF). The falling-particle receiver drops sand-like ceramic particles through NSTTF’s concentrated sunlight beam, capturing and storing the heated [...]

CSP Contacts

Concentrating Solar Technologies Dept. Acting Manager
Dr. Clifford Ho | Phone: 505-844-2384

Optics, Collectors, and Dishes
Chuck Andraka | Phone: 505-844-8573
Dr. Julius Yellowhair | Phone: 505-844-3029

Power Tower Component Design/Modeling
Josh Christian | Phone: 505-284-5190
Dr. Ryan R. Anderson | Phone: 505-845-3426

Solar Furnace
Josh Christian | Phone: 505-284-5190
Dr. Ryan R. Anderson | Phone: 505-845-3426

Test Facilities
Dr. Ryan R. Anderson| Phone: 505-845-3426
William J. Kolb, J | Phone: 505-844-1935

Thermal Storage
William J. Kolb, J | Phone: 505-844-1935
Josh Christian | Phone: 505-284-5190

Parabolic Troughs
Tim Moss | Phone: 505-844-7356

Solar Fuels
Dr. Andrea Ambrosini| Phone: 505-284-1340

PLEASE NOTE: All site visits to the National Solar Thermal Test Facility must be arranged in advance due to security requirements. Contact 505-844-1445 to arrange for a site visit.