Energy and Climate

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Mobile Light Towerdemo_projects

The Hydrogen Fuel Cell Mobile Light Tower was a unique industry/government partnership conceived and coordinated by Sandia engineers. The effort required the management of a diverse interdisciplinary team to realize a zero emissions, quite alternative to diesel-powered mobile light towers. The demonstrated product has been commercialized by Multiquip Inc and demonstrated at a number of high-profile venues

Maritime fuel cell power system

Sandia National Laboratories have joined with several partners in a project which will result in a portable, self-contained hydrogen fuel cell unit that can float on a barge, sit on a dock or be transported to wherever it’s needed to provide electrical power, thereby reducing energy consumption, lowering emissions, and reducing water and air pollution from ports. View the Portable Hydrogen Fuel Cell Unit to Provide Green, Sustainable Power to Honolulu Port story.

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