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Monday’s Presentations

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Technical Agenda

September 8 – Monday

08:00-08:45 Sign-in and distribution of meeting materials
08:45-09:45 Welcome addresses H.C. Pape (BMWi) US-DOE Offices
Highlights of US/German Collaboration F. Hansen (SNL), W. Steininger (PTKA)

Repository Operational Safety

10:00-10:45 Welcome and keynote on operational safety S. Rottler, Vice President (SNL)
10:45-11:00 Break
11:00-11:20 Operational safety activities in Germany T. v. Berlepsch (DBE TEC)
11:20-11:40 Operational safety at US repositories E. Hardin (SNL)
11:40-12:00 Case Study: Recent WIPP Experience A. Van Luik (CBFO)
12:00-13:30 Workshop Group Photo and Lunch
13:30-14:00 WIPP Recovery Plan Tammy Reynolds (NWP)
14:00-14:30 Panel Discussion E. Hardin – Lead

Retrievability and Repository Design

14:30-14:50 U.S. Perspective on retrievability, retrieval, and reversibiltiy S. Wagner (SNL)
14:50-15:10 Retrievability as design requirement for a repository for HLW and SF W. Bollingerfehr (DBE TEC)
15:10-15:30 Salt Disposal RD&D R. MacKinnon (SNL)
15:30-15:50 Natural Analogues N. Rempe US
15:50-16:10 Dutch Salt Safety Case and Research Program J. Hart (NRG)
16:10-16:30 Break
16:30 Depart for Los Alamos Bradbury Museum Tour and Dinner J. Icenhower (SNL)
Day 1 Companion Event – Walking Tour of Downtown Santa Fe
Begins 10 AM. Map will be provided