2016 Used Fuel Disposition (UFD) Working Group

June 7th, 8th, and 9th, 2016 – Las Vegas, Nevada



Meeting Objectives and Approach Summary of UFD Campaign (Swift)

ST Activities (Larson)

DR Activities (Gunter)

NFSTPP Overview and relationship to UFD (Carter)

Quality Assurance Update (Murthy)

NEUP Program Introduction (De La Garza)

Thermal-mechanical-hydrologic behavior of consolidating granular salt (Stormont, UNM)

Multi-Sensor Inspection and Robotic Systems for Dry Storage Casks (Lissenden, Penn State)

Electrochemical Testing to Support Alloy Corrosion Models (Ebert (ANL lab employee) on behalf of University of Illinois at Chicago and ANL (NU-13-IL-UIC-0203-02)

Overview and progress on the laboratory experiments of canister life predication from pitting to cracking, IRP\NEUP research project (Liu, Colorado School of Mines)

Transportation Update (Saltzstein)

ENSA/SNL/PNNL/SRNL Rail Test Plan (Ross) – Not received

Structural Analysis (Klymshyn)

Introduction to Defense Repository R&D (Sevougian/McMahon)

Overview of Inventory and Waste Characterization (Sassani)

On-Line Waste Inventory (OWL) Database and Capabilities (Walkow)

Decay Heat and Inventory of DOE-Managed Waste (Carter)

LANL (Lead- Phil Stauffer)

LBNL (Lead – Jonny Rutqvist)

Spent Fuel Ratio and Respirable Release Fraction (Durbin)

Environmental Sampling, Crack Growth Modeling and Experimental Plans (Bryan)

Status of Mockup Residual Stress Measurements (Enos)

NDE Solutions (Ulrich)

Chloride Detection and Life Prediction of Dry Storage Casks Using PGAA and NAA Techniques (Shayer)

DBFT Overview and Status (Gunter)

DBD Safety Case Framework (Freeze)

DBFT Site Evaluation and Site Selection (Sassani)

Geologic Framework Model (Perry)

Regional Geology Web Map Application (Russell)

DBD PA Model (Stein)

DBFT Borehole Characterization (Kuhlman)

Monitoring and Characterization (Nihei) – Not received

UNF disposition in argillite: EBS reactive transport modeling with decay heat (Jove-Colon)

Comparison of Discrete Fracture Network and Fractured Continuum Modeling Approaches for simulating flow and transport through fractured rock (Viswanathan)

Fracture Continuum model (Hadgu)

Uranium(VI) Sorption and Diffusion in Montmorillonite and Bentonite: Experiments and Modeling (Tinnacher)

Update on Np diffusion as function of temperature (Zavarin)

EBS experimental update: aluminosilicate phase transformations, corrosion of copper and steel (Caporuscio)

SNL (Lead – Ben Reedlunn)

DBFT Engineering Overview (Hardin)

Surface Handling and Transfer Cask Concept (Peretz)

Emplacement Zone Completion Options (Cochran)

DRZ Modeling and Testing (Rutqvist)

Swedish Deep Borehole R&D (Dobson)

Laboratory Testing of Sealing Materials (Caporuscio)

DRZ and Fracture Detection (Ulrich)

Stresses and Breakouts (Delorey)

Cladding Overview (closing the cladding Gap, (a refinement of the TRB talk about how everything fits together) (Hanson)

CIRFT (New results and future plans, and integration with NRC work) (Bevard)

Ring Compression Tests (Billone)

ORNL Sister Pin Test Plan (focus on individual tests and the data obtained from them) (Montgomery) – Not received

PNNL Sister Pin Test Plan (focus on individual tests and the data obtained from them) (Hanson/Lavendar)

Demo Thermal Analysis (Hanson)

GDSA Overview: Objectives, Work, and FY16 Accomplishments (Mariner)

GDSA Simulation Framework: PFLOTRAN (Hammond)

Isotope Chemistry and Source Term (Mariner)

Source Term Implementation and Demonstration (Frederick)

GDSA Process Model Integration (Sevougian)

GDSA Mined Repository in Crystalline Rock (Stein)

GDSA Planning for FY17 (Mariner)

Introduction and Objectives (Sevougian)

Density dependence on salinity – crystalline (deep borehole) (Hammond)

DFN Model – crystalline (Stein/Makedonska)

Colloid-facilitated transport model (progress and future work) – all media (Reimus)

CSNF degradation model (FMDM) – all media (Jerden)

Salt coupled THM processes (TOUGH-FLAC) – salt (Rutqvist)

THC Processes in Salt – salt (Stauffer)

TOUGH-FLAC/BBM/RBSN models – clay and/or crystalline (deep borehole) (Rutqvist)

THMC model (illitization) and THM model (TPHM Hooke’s) – clay (Zheng)

DFN enhancements (e.g., fracture intersecting a borehole; heat transport; others) – granite (Viswanathan)

Waste package degradation – all media (Jove-Colon)

Waste package and waste form degradation – all media (Frederick)

Glass degradation – all media (Rieke)

Grid refinement – all media (Alzraiee/Hammond)

A control variate method for performance assessment – all media (MacKinnon)

Remaining process model gaps – all media (Mariner)

Introduction (Birkholzer)

Overview DECOVALEX 2015 (Birkholzer)

Heater test modeling highlights (Rutqvist)

Fracture flow and transport modeling highlights (Wang)

Outlook and Planning for DECOVALEX 2019 (Birkholzer)

Overview FEBEX-DP (Zheng)

Overview Mont Terri Project  (Birkholzer)

FE Heater Test (Rutqvist)

FS Experiment (Birkholzer)

Overview HotBENT – High Temperature Field Test (Birkholzer)

Introduction to Defense Repository R&D – Sevougian/McMahon

Overview of EBS Design Concepts – Matteo

Waste Package Considerations (Rigali) – Not received

EBS Design Alternatives (Hardin)

Preliminary Analysis of the Effect of Decay Heat in the Near Field (Hadgu)

Overview GWFTS Task Force (Viswanathan)

Overview EBS Task force (Jove-Colon)

Collaboration with Clausthal/Germany on coupled THM modeling (Rutqvist)

KOSINA collaboration (Matteo)

Salt FEPs Catalog in the context of Salt Club (Freeze)

Overview of D-Repo Safety Analysis R&D (Sevougian)

Regional Geology Investigations (Perry)

D-Repo Repository Reference Case and Preliminary PA Simulations (Stein)

Draft Program Plan: Organizational and Procedural Frameworks (Swift)

DOE Managed HLW & SNF (Sevougian)

DBD Discussions (Freeze)

Argillite/Crystalline Discussions (Jove-Colon, Wang)

GDSA & Process Model Integration (Mariner)

International (Birkholzer)