Dr. David Danielson visited Sandia National Laboratories and toured the National Solar Thermal Test Facility (NSTTF) on Wednesday, March 14. Dr. Danielson is the Assistant Secretary of the DOE EERE (Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy) office. During the visit, Dr. Danielson was shown the test and research capabilities of the NSTTF, had the chance to meet some of the technical staff, and spent time conversing with on-site industrial partners who perform research and testing at the NSTTF. Dr. Danielson also had the opportunity to learn more about Sandia’s programs to improve the nation’s Energy Security and to learn of Sandia’s heritage and focus as a System’s Engineering laboratory.

Dr. David Danielson touring NSTTF

Questions about the NSTTF and its capabilities can be directed to William Kolb wjkolb@sandia.gov and James Pacheco, program manager jepache@sandia.gov