The Energy Department’s SunShot Initiative is hosting the “Hit Me with Your SunShot” photo contest with up to $2,500 in cash prizes, including a $500 grand prize. This new photo contest wants to see how solar energy is being used and is asking Americans across the country to submit solar photos in neighborhoods and in the lab. Winning entries from eight different categories of solar energy will be featured on SunShot’s webpage and in other collateral from the office. Entries will be judged by Simon Edelman, Chief Creative Officer for the Department of Energy, and Dennis Schroeder, a photographer at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. All entries must be submitted by August 17.

Photos are being accepted in the following categories:

  • Solar Installers and Installation – Photos should depict the installation of a solar photovoltaic or concentrating solar power system or show a system that has been installed.
  • Utility-Scale Projects – Photos should depict a solar project that is over one megawatt in size.
  • Solar + Storage – Photos should depict solar systems that have battery storage systems installed. The photo can be of the battery system alone.
  • Solar Hardware and Power Electronics – Photos should depict the individual components of a solar system, like the inverter or the racking system.
  • Concentrating Solar Power – Photos should depict a solar system that uses mirrors to focus light to a receiver and collect energy. The project could be used for electricity or steam processes.
  • Community Solar – Photos should depict solar systems that utilize a community solar business model to be built or show the activities around the installation of that system (e.g., community meetings or events).
  • University Research – Photos should depict solar energy research being conducted in a higher education setting.
  • Solar and Weather – Photos should depict a solar installation in an unusual weather system like snow, clouds, hail, etc.


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