J.D. Savee, E. Papajak, B. Rotavera, H. Huang, A.J. Eskola, O. Welz, L. Sheps, C.A. Taatjes, J. Zádor, D.L. Osborn, Science, 347, 643-646 (2015).

Scientific Achievement

Hydroperoxyalkyl radicals—denoted QOOH—are key intermediates in autoignition chemistry, controlling the early stages of combustion. Scientists at the Combustion Research Facility directly detected this elusive intermediate for the first time.

Significance and Impact

This detailed information will improve the fidelity of models used by engine manufacturers to create cleaner and more efficient cars and trucks.

Potential future impact on secondary organic aerosols in the troposphere

Research Details

Kinetics measurements at the ALS discriminate QOOH from other isomers based on photoionization spectra and kinetic time profiles