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Electric Power Generation and Water Use Data

The purpose of this study was to assemble a suite of water related information to inform electric power transmission planning in the western United States. The data are unique in that multiple sources of water were analyzed (e.g., groundwater, surface water, and non-fresh water); these analyses considered institutional controls that could limit water use (e.g., interstate compacts, environmental flows), and all analyses involved the direct assistance of state water managers in framing, identifying, understanding and vetting the data.

Water Availability, Cost, and Use

Water Availability, Cost, and Use

Although the data were developed to support transmission planning there is nothing to preclude it from finding broad use in other policy and resource planning exercises in the western U.S. As such, this data portal has been developed to allow interested parties access to view, explore, and download the data. The data are organized in three broad groups of information:

  1. Electric power generation and water use data,
  2. Water availability, cost, and use,
  3. Aquatic and riparian environmental data.

In a coordinated but separate project the Western States Water Council has developed the Water Data Exchange (WaDE), a data portal designed to enable western states to share water use, water allocation, and water planning data with one another and with the Federal Government.