Water Availability, Cost, and Use

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Availability, cost, and projected growth in the use of water Sandia mapped for the 48-conterminous United States. Specifically, water availability was mapped according to five unique sources including unappropriated surface water, unappropriated groundwater, appropriated surface/groundwater, municipal wastewater, and brackish groundwater. Associated costs to acquire, convey and treat the water, as necessary, for each of the five sources were also estimated. To complete the picture, competing uses for the available water supply were projected over the next 20 years. The data can be accessed in two different ways:

  • ArcGIS Online: interact with data in a geospatial context,
  • Excel Spreadsheet: download raw data.

Papers and reports detailing data sources and calculations can be found by clicking here.

These metrics were developed to support regional water planning and policy analysis by providing a consistent and comparable measure of the relative difficulty and expense to develop a water resource in a given basin. There are two important limitations concerning how these data should be interpreted. First, these basin scale estimates of water availability and cost are of insufficient detail to support siting decisions at the local scale (specific water development project at a specific location). Second, these data cannot be interpreted as an absolute measure of whether sufficient water is available to meet projected growth in water use. Although developed with the help of state water managers, these availability and cost values in no way guarantee the availability or cost of water at any particular point within a watershed. These values simply provide a relative measure of where water is more likely available and at what cost relative to other sources.

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