We are extremely pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Michael E. Coltrin as the new Director of Sandia’s Solid-State Lighting Science (SSLS) Energy Frontier Research Center (EFRC). Mike has had a long and distinguished career advancing the science underlaying chemically reacting fluid flow, and in applying that science to solve practical problems in the chemical vapor deposition of virtually all of the important semiconducting materials. These materials include Si, C, GaAs, and, most recently, the GaN-based materials that are the foundation for solid-state lighting devices. Mike has served as Co-Director of our SSLS EFRC since its inception in August 2009. He was instrumental in creating the original SSLS EFRC proposal; has helped guide the continued evolution of our SSLS EFRC these past two years in technical direction, personnel, and budget; and has served for the past half year as its Acting Director.

Jerry Simmons, Founding Director of the SSLS EFRC, will continue to be an active supporter of our SSLS EFRC, and will chair its Senior Leadership Council.