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year 2012
author Laurie Burnham, Robert Q. Hwang, Juan J. Torres

Summary of Activities Completed Through the Department of Energy Power Systems Fellowship Program Under Inter-Entity Work Order Number M610000767

Abstract: In FY 2011, with support from the U.S. Department of Energy Power Systems Fellowship Program, Sandia National Laboratories partnered with a diversity of Vermont organizations, including utilities, energy technology companies, and academic institutions, to develop a set of educational, training, and research activities that would support and further smart grid deployment in Vermont. These activities included a public seminar series at the University of Vermont called “Powering the Future;” a multidisciplinary, multisectorial statewide conference; a set of technology short courses for utility workers and other stakeholders; a public outreach display at a Vermont science center; and collaborative research focused on four key areas: smart grid, complex systems, policy, and human behavior. Overall, this partnership reflected the synergies between Sandia, which has deep technical expertise in energy delivery systems, and the state of Vermont, which has a strong commitment to sustainability, a supportive regulatory framework, and an unprecedented history of utility collaboration with respect to smart grid deployment. By working together in this way, it is hopes that Sandia and Vermont can drive fundamental change in the electric sector, change that translates beyond Vermont to further energy transformation in the rest of the nation.