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Assessment of deep level defects in m-plane GaN grown by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition

Through the publication titled, “Assessment of deep level defects in m-plane GaN grown by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition”published in the Applied Physics Letters, EFRC scientists examine how spontaneous polarization and strain-induced piezoelectric polarization generate strong internal electric fields in gallium nitride (GaN). Abstract: We report on deep level defect incorporation in n-type m-plane (10 0) [...]

New Liquid Salt Electrolytes Could Lead to Cost-Effective Flow Batteries

Sandia researchers have developed a new family of liquid salt electrolytes, known as metal-based ionic liquids (MetILs), that could lead to batteries able to cost-effectively store three times more energy than today’s batteries. The research, published in Dalton Transactions, might lead to devices that can help economically and reliably incorporate large-scale intermittent renewable energy sources, [...]

Sandia Tool Determines Value of Solar Photovoltaic Power Systems

Consistent appraisals of homes and businesses outfitted with photovoltaic (PV) installations are a real challenge for the nation’s real estate industry, but a new tool developed by Sandia National Laboratories and Solar Power Electric™ and licensed by Sandia addresses that issue. Sandia scientists, in partnership with Jamie Johnson of Solar Power Electric™, have developed PV [...]

Voltage Increases Up to 25 Percent Observed in Closely Packed Nanowires

On January 27, 2012, in News, News & Events

Unexpected voltage increases of up to 25 percent in two barely separated nanowires have been observed at Sandia National Laboratories. Designers of next-generation devices using nanowires to deliver electric currents—including telephones, handheld computers, batteries and certain solar arrays—may need to make allowances for such surprise boosts. “People have been working on nanowires for 20 years,” [...]

New Material to Remove Radioactive Gas from Spent Nuclear Fuel

On January 27, 2012, in News, News & Events

Research by a team of Sandia chemists could impact worldwide efforts to produce clean, safe nuclear energy and reduce radioactive waste. The Sandia researchers have used metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) to capture and remove volatile radioactive gas from spent nuclear fuel. “This is one of the first attempts to use a MOF for iodine capture,” said [...]

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