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Water Not So “Squishy” Under Pressure

When squeezed to pressures and temperatures like those inside giant planets, water molecules are less squeezable than anticipated, defying a set of decades-old equations used to describe watery behavior over a range of conditions. Studying how molecules behave in such environments will help scientists better understand the formation and composition of ice giants like Uranus [...]

Gulf Nuclear Energy Infrastructure Institute Class of 2012 Kicks Off with 20 Students from the Gulf Cooperation Council

Khalifa University has hosted the opening of the Gulf Nuclear Energy Infrastructure Institute (GNEII) 2012 Fellows. The four-module, sixteen-week course includes 20 students from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait. GNEII national stakeholders represent Khalifa University, Critical National Infrastructure Authority (CNIA), Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC), and Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR). The course [...]

Experimental Smart Outlet Brings Flexibility, Resiliency to Grid Architecture

Sandia National Laboratories has developed an experimental “smart outlet” that autonomously measures, monitors and controls electrical loads with no connection to a centralized computer or system. The goal of the smart outlet and similar innovations is to make the power grid more distributed and intelligent, capable of reconfiguring itself as conditions change. Decentralizing power generation [...]

Molecular Simulations Guide Nanowire Research

Simulation plays a critical role in design—even in very, very, very, small structures. Researchers at Sandia National Laboratories are performing simulations at microscopic levels (with help from CEI’s EnSight software) in order to predict the performance of nanowires. Nanowire performance is affected by deformities in the wires. Researcher Jonathan Zimmerman and others at Sandia perform [...]

Sandia Participates in the ARPA-E 2012 Energy Innovation Summit

Sandia has more than a dozen scientists and managers attending and participating in the ARPA-E summit‘s sessions and events. A recent highlight was the on-stage discussion between Energy Secretary Stephen Chu and Bill Gates, who is now involved in several energy innovation ventures, on how America can meet and prosper from 21st century global energy [...]

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