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North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Report Posted

The Integration of Variable Generation Task Force (IVGTF) Task 1–3 report, “Interconnection Requirements for Variable Generation” was posted to NERC’s website in mid-October. Many of NERC’s existing interconnection standards and procedures have been based on technical characteristics and physical capabilities of traditional power generation resources that employ synchronous generators. With the global trend toward renewable [...]

Simulations Reveal Ion Dynamics in Polymer Electrolyte

On November 13, 2012, in Energy Storage, News, News & Events

Improving battery electrolytes is highly desirable, particularly to increase safety and reduce cost. One class of possible new electrolyte materials is ionomers—polymers with a small number of charged groups covalently bound to the polymer backbone. A hindrance to high conductivity in ionomer melts is nanoscale ionic clusters that usually form because of the polymer’s low [...]

Sandia Expands an International Collaboration and Web Database on Engine Fuel Spray Combustion Research

Responding to the need to accelerate the development of predictive engine spray combustion modeling for the design of more fuel-efficient, low-emission engines, Sandia established a multi-institution collaboration called the Engine Combustion Network (ECN). The ECN provides highly leveraged, vetted datasets for spray combustion model development by using contributions from many experimental and modeling participants at [...]

Sandian Todd Lane’s “Pond Crash Forensics” Project Receives Secretarial Notice

The Pond Crash Forensics project, funded through the Office of Biomass Program (OBP) at EERE, was highlighted in a briefing with Energy Secretary Chu on October 11th as one of the key EERE-OBP funded activities on algal pond stability/productivity. This is a great recognition of the efforts of Todd and his team, as well as a [...]

Sandia Labs to Share Expertise with Navajo Nation

Sandia National Laboratories and the Navajo Nation announced an agreement in late October for the federal lab to provide technical assistance to the tribe as it develops energy resources on the sprawling reservation. The Navajo Nation and Sandia have cooperated since the 1980s. The memorandum of understanding extends their agreement for another five years, with [...]

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