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Computer Power Clicks with Geochemistry

On March 13, 2014, in Energy, News, News & Events, Nuclear Energy

Sandia is developing computer models that show how radioactive waste interacts with soil and sediments, shedding light on waste disposal and how to keep contamination away from drinking water. “Very little is known about the fundamental chemistry and whether contaminants will stay in soil or rock or be pulled off those materials and get into [...]

Sandian Elected as a Director of the Microscopy Society of America

Paul Kotula (in Sandia’s Materials Characterization and Performance Dept.) has been elect­ed as Physical Sciences Director of the Microscopy Society of America (MSA). This position has a three-year term on the society’s Executive Council. MSA is the world’s largest microscopy/micro­analysis society with over 4500 members covering the physical and life sciences. In addition to organizing [...]

Yifeng Wang Selected Asian-American Engineer of the Year

Yifeng Wang (Radiological Consequence Management and Response Technologies Dept.) has been selected by the Chinese Institute of Engineers–USA to receive the Asian American Engineer of the Year (AAEOY) award for 2014. The award annually recognizes “American individuals of Asian descent who have made exceptional contributions to the field of Engineering, Science, and/or as a Corporate [...]

Sandia–Atmocean Inc.’s New Mexico Small Business Assistance Project

Sandia led a six-month project funded by the New Mexico Small Business Assistance (NMSBA) on “Subsea Modeling of an Innovative Wave Energy Array Using OrcaFlex Software,” in which we supported developing and modeling the mooring system for Atmocean Inc.’s Ocean HydroPower System (OHS™). This project involved three New Mexico small businesses Atmocean Inc. (wave-energy converter [...]

Evaluating Hydrokinetic Turbine Operation within Roza Canal, Yakima, Washington

The DOE Water Power Program has recently identified the need to better understand the potential for hydrokinetic (HK) energy development within existing canal systems. HK turbine operation alters water surface elevations and modifies its flow in canals. Primary canal-water uses—for irrigation, in flood management, and/or for conventional hydropower plant—will not tolerate significant altera­tions or hydrodynamic energy [...]

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