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Mark Boslough Featured in NOVA Special about the Chelyabinsk Meteor

Scientist Mark Boslough (Discrete Mathematics and Complex Systems Dept.) was featured in NOVA’s special program ”Meteor Strike,” which aired Wednesday, March 27. The episode is about last month’s giant meteor explosion in Russia. Mark traveled to Chelyabinsk, Russia, where he performed astrometric calibrations of dashcam videos to help pinpoint the altitude and coordinates of the [...]

Sandia and EMCORE: Solar Photovoltaics, Fiber Optics, MODE, and Energy Efficiency

MODE (MicroOptical Devices) was an Albuquerque-based start-up company founded by a group of Sandians who left Sandia under a special entrepreneurial program. MODE was purchased in 1997 by EMCORE, a New Jersey company that has worked with Sandia since the early 1990s. Upon acquiring MODE, EMCORE became the first company to build a facility in [...]

ECIS and Compass Metals: Platinum Nanostructures for Enhanced Catalysis

Renewable energy sources are critical to the nation’s future, and hydrogen-powered fuel cells offer an attractive alternative to current technologies. However, fuel-cell catalysts must become more durable, efficient, and inexpensive before they are practical and cost-effective. Because most fuel cells use platinum or platinum alloys as catalysts, the limited platinum supply is a barrier to [...]

ECIS, Boeing, Caltrans, and Others: Fuel-Cell-Powered Mobile Lighting Applications

Highway construction workers, airport maintenance personnel, and film crews use small, portable lighting systems known as “mobile lighting.” Traditionally, mobile lighting units are powered by diesel-fueled generators that produce CO2, NOx (nitrogen oxides produced during combustion), and soot, putting them at odds with responsible environmental stewardship. Sandia, with help from Boeing, the California Department of [...]

Sandia, DOE Energy Storage Program, GeneSiC Semiconductor, U.S. Army ARDEC: Ultra-High-Voltage Silicon Carbide Thyristors

Increasing consumer power demand creates numerous challenges for ensuring reliable, stable power for all customers. Many energy generation technologies, particularly renewables, generate direct-current power that must be converted to alternating current before use. Power switches, known as thyristors, perform this conversion and are crucial to a reliable electricity grid. Current switches have been inefficient and [...]

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