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High-Fidelity Hydrostructural Analysis of Ocean Renewable Power Company’s (ORPC’s) TidGen® Turbine

Sandia is performing a high-fidelity hydrostructural analysis of the Ocean Renewable Power Company’s (ORPC’s) TidGen® turbine using the computational fluids dynamics (CFD) tool Star CCM+® and the structural-dynamics modeling capability in the Abaqus finite-element analysis (FEA) software. Hydrodynamic loadings from the CFD simulation will provide inputs to the Abaqus FEA model through fluid–structure coupling. The [...]

Tool for Siting, Planning, and Encroachment Analysis for Renewables (TSPEAR) Viewshed Model Completed

Sandia and the DOE are continuing to fully understand the effects of wind turbines on the environment in which they are placed—to identify the barriers to renewable-energy development and to suggest barrier-mitigation solutions, where available. The effort to develop accurate wind-turbine/radar-interference (WTRI) models will ultimately improve the understanding of their impact and allow viable paths [...]

Sandia Is Developing a Doppler Global Velocimetry System to Understand Fundamental Wind-Turbine Wake Phenomena

Wind-turbine wakes lead to lower power production and increased loading on downstream turbines by reducing incoming velocity and increasing turbulence contained within the wakes. Detailed wake measurement will improve the understanding necessary to improve wake modeling and consequently support reducing cost of energy (COE) at the plant level. Sandia is developing a DGV wake-imaging system [...]

Sandia Involves Wind-Farm Owners in Defining New Data Pathway for National Wind-Plant Reliability Database

The Continuous Reliability Enhancement for Wind (CREW) Database is a DOE-funded national reliability database that enables wind-plant operational analysis—to benchmark the reliability performance of the current installed wind fleet, including characterizing operating performance at a system-to-component level and identifying technology improvement opportunities. After a series of interviews with wind-plant owners and other stakeholders, the Sandia [...]

Two Sandians Named as Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Fellows

On January 1st, two Sandians, Mike Cuneo (Pulsed Power Accelerator S&T Group) and Igal Brener (Applied Photonic Microsystems), were elected Fellows of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Mike was selected for “developments in inertial confinement fusion with magnetically driven implosions and electrode cleaning.” The number of Fellows chosen annually is restricted to [...]

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