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Sandia Workers Received Entrepreneurial Spirit Awards

Jim Pacheco (now in the Active Response and Denial Dept.) received an Entrepreneurial Spirit Award for his participation in Sandia’s Entrepreneurial Separation to Transfer Technology (ESTT) program, which encourages researchers to take jobs at startup or expanding businesses. ESTT was started in 1994, and since then 144 Sandia employees have left the labs, 57 of [...]

Sandia-Developed Alloy Has Potential for Electronics in Wells

A few years ago, researchers asked Sandia’s geothermal group to develop electronics to monitor well conditions in field operations—withstanding high temperatures and pressures, excessive vibrations, and other extreme environments. Most brazing processes occur at a peak temperature above about 700° C, while most soldering occurs below 350° C, leaving high-temperature electronics few filler materials from which to [...]

Sandians Joshua Stein and Bruce King Published in Photovoltaics International

The wide variety of PV system technologies and designs, site conditions, and operations strategies means that complex PV system performance models are needed to represent PV plant performance. While PV component and system costs are rapidly falling, the upfront costs of PV (before any energy is generated) remain high. Stein & King’s (both in the [...]

Mark Boslough Featured in NOVA Special about the Chelyabinsk Meteor

Scientist Mark Boslough (Discrete Mathematics and Complex Systems Dept.) was featured in NOVA’s special program ”Meteor Strike,” which aired Wednesday, March 27. The episode is about last month’s giant meteor explosion in Russia. Mark traveled to Chelyabinsk, Russia, where he performed astrometric calibrations of dashcam videos to help pinpoint the altitude and coordinates of the [...]

Sandia and EMCORE: Solar Photovoltaics, Fiber Optics, MODE, and Energy Efficiency

MODE (MicroOptical Devices) was an Albuquerque-based start-up company founded by a group of Sandians who left Sandia under a special entrepreneurial program. MODE was purchased in 1997 by EMCORE, a New Jersey company that has worked with Sandia since the early 1990s. Upon acquiring MODE, EMCORE became the first company to build a facility in [...]

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