Conducting applied research to increase the viability of wind technology by improving wind turbine performance, reliability, and reducing the cost of energy.

Advancing the state of knowledge in the areas of materials, structurally efficient airfoil designs, active-flow aerodynamic control, and sensors.
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Offshore Wind

Reducing technology risk, siting offshore turbines and wind farms, and reducing offshore wind’s cost of energy.
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2015 Wind Turbine Blade Manufacture Conference–Dusseldorf, Germany

The 2015 Wind Turbine Blade Manufacture Conference was held in Dusseldorf, Germany, during the first week of December 2015 with 280 participants meeting in a single-session arrangement. Papers focused on the optimization of wind blade [...]

Leading Edge Erosion Phase II Wind Tunnel Test Begins

Wind tunnel testing is commencing for the second phase of the leading edge erosion project, which is a collaboration between Texas A&M, UC Davis, and Sandia. During the 2012 fiscal year, Sandia, through its Blade [...]

Sandia Participates in the Second Annual Composites and Advanced Materials Expo (CAMX)

Sandia Wind Technologies Department materials lead, Brian Naughton, co-chaired a session with Shridhar Nath of GE Global Research on composite material applications in wind energy at the CAMX conference in Dallas, Texas, October 26–29, 2015. [...]

Texas Tech University mobile doppler radars provide unique wind measurements to multi-instrument DOE Field Campaign

Over the past few years, Texas Tech University researchers have been collecting and analyzing dual-Doppler wind speed and direction data from operating wind plants using their unique Ka-band (TTUKa) mobile Doppler radars. Researchers have documented [...]