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Numerical Manufacturing And Design Tool (NuMAD)

A software tool named NuMAD© (Numerical Manufacturing And Design) has been developed to simplify the process of creating the three-dimensional finite element model a wind turbine blade. NuMAD© manages all blade information including databases of airfoils, materials, and material placement. NuMAD© is a stand-alone, user-friendly, graphical pre-processor for the ANSYS® commercial finite element package. The blade information contained in the NuMAD© database is also used to manage capabilities such as output for CFD mesh and computation of blade cross section properties, and aeroelastic instability analysis of the blade. The user’s manual (SAND2012-7028) describes the capabilities and usage of NuMAD©.

Motivation for Version 2

NuMAD© first became available in the early 2000’s. It was originally written in Tcl, chosen for its ability to easily manipulate graphics and port information in and out of the main code. NuMAD© has always been designed to output files for ANSYS. The previous release of the NuMAD© code is dated 31 March 2010.
Beginning with the last release of the previous NuMAD©, its authors realized that blade design was quickly heading in a direction where a computationally intense, and platform independent programming environment was needed for NuMAD©. Mathworks MATLAB® is the new environment because of its widespread use, its computational power, its flexibility in operating systems, its graphical capabilities, its popularity with researchers and students, and its ability to compile as well as to run from raw source code. The current release of NuMAD© also includes some advanced capabilities which go beyond creation of the finite element model: tabularized input format, swept blades, blades with pre-bend, output for CFD mesh creation and output of blade cross section properties.
The current version of NuMAD© is available in two forms: 1) compiled MCR executable (able to run without Matlab license) and 2) raw Matlab source files (offering the ability for customization of capabilities). Users are encouraged to study the source files in order to understand how NuMAD© works. When there are capabilities that do not exist, users are encouraged to work with the authors to write modules to accomplish their tasks. It is the hope of the authors that the accessibility of the Matlab source code, in the long run, will enable an extremely capable tool that will continue to enable DOE’s goals and benefit the entire wind industry.

Continuing Development of NuMAD©

NuMAD© is a research code with capabilities that have been driven directly by Sandia/DOE research projects. Please understand that it is a research code and not a commercially supported code. Sandia is able to devote very little resources for support of the code to external users. Feedback from external users will enable a better product at the next release.

The current version of NuMAD© (v2.0), released April 2013, may be obtained by returning the completed NuMAD Request form (as per instructions on the form).

Please note: an ANSYS® or MATLAB® license is not supplied with NuMAD©.

NuMAD© v2.0 FAQ’s


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