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Software and Codes for Analysis of Concentrating Solar Power Technologies « Energy Security « Downloads

Date postedOctober 1, 2012
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CategoriesEnergy Security, Renewable Energy, Solar Energy, Concentrating Solar Power


This report presents a review and evaluation of software and codes that have been used to support Sandia National Laboratories’ concentrating solar power (CSP) program. Additional software packages developed by other institutions and companies that can potentially improve Sandia’s analysis capabilities in the CSP program are also evaluated. The software and codes are grouped according to specific CSP technologies: power tower systems, linear concentrator systems, and dish/engine systems. A description of each code is presented with regard to each specific CSP technology, along with details regarding availability, maintenance, and references. A summary of all the codes is then presented with recommendations regarding the use and retention of the codes. A description of probabilistic methods for uncertainty and sensitivity analyses of concentrating solar power technologies is also provided.

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