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Date postedApril 9, 2012
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CategoriesBiofuels, Water Power, Wind Energy, Water, Modeling and Analysis, Renewable Energy, Environmental


This proposal is in response to the Research Call to DOE/Federal Laboratories for “Technical Support for
Interconnection-Level Electric Infrastructure Planning, RC-BM-2010” Area of Interest 3: Water/Energy Nexus. According to the stated needs in the Research Call, three overarching objects are identified:
1. Develop an integrated Energy-Water Decision Support System (DSS) that will enable planners in the Western and Texas Interconnections to analyze the potential implications of water stress for transmission and resource planning.
2. Pursue the formulation and development of the Energy-Water DSS through a strongly collaborative process between members of this proposal team and the Western Electricity
Coordinating Council (WECC), Western Governors’ Association (WGA), the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) and their associated stakeholder teams.
3. Exercise the Energy-Water DSS to investigate water stress implications of the transmission planning scenarios put forward by WECC, WGA, and ERCOT.

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