Energy and Climate

[singlepic id=436 w=120 h=80 float=right]PMTF Computer System

The PMTF computer system can perform theoretical modeling and analysis, experimental control and data acquisition, and post-test data reduction and analysis. The system is a heterogeneous network of workstations and PCs. Data- and file-storage units and other peripherals are used for building models, graphically displaying theoretical analyses, design/drafting of mock-up units, and for control and data acquisition during testing using the EB-60 and EB-1200 systems. Connections to international networks provide ease of electronic communications and file exchange.

[singlepic id=443 w=320 h=240 float=right]The PMTF data acquisition and control system, although connected to the facility computer network, operates independently. Originally, a star-hub configuration is used for both the EB-60 and EB-1200 based upon CAMAC (computer automated measurement and control) Ethernet crate controllers. The PC-based Vsystem™ and Windows software packages increase the flexibility of our response to changes in experimental plans, provide a window based graphical user interface, and distribute control and data processes across multiple PC workstations, while preserving previous investments in CAMAC hardware and in-house software development. An upgrade of the data acquisition and control system is underway to the latest version of LabView and new National Instruments-based hardware.

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